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Enact the Future of the Commonwealth , For the Commonwealth.



Dynamic problems affect quality of life, business, environment, and the balance in between. State & local decisionmakers are faced with a challenge to develop innovative policy solutions that solve these problems or seize opportunity at hand. We use research insights & process as a think tank to form those new ideas - crafting tailored, mutual-gain solutions to solve challenges in districts across Kentucky.


In a world where national politics take center stage, but where state and local budgets have outpaced the federal government since 1960 - our focus is centered around supporting better state and local policy. States are intended as the incubators of new solutions in our system of Federalism, but often times innovation & new policy comes as an imported product to many states or is viewed with risk rather than tailoring an internal solution, and partisanship rather than policy innovation can take the attention.  


The Commonwealth Policy Institute was formed in 2020 from UofL, as a pilot pro bono organization aiming to place Kentucky's unbridled spirit and ingenuity behind new nonpartisan solutions, linking our own research institutions with stakeholder engaged Kentucky-centric policy development, and partnering with legislators to introduce these tailored solutions to local & state challenges to better serve their constituents.  


We summarize this by saying we exist to support

 "The Future of the Commonwealth, For the Commonwealth"


CPI is startup think-tank that aims to build practical & innovative policy solutions, leveraging insight of Kentucky-proud research knowledge across the state university system. We are a nonprofit using engaged policy development that connects insight and intake to state & local government, lobbyists, advocacy groups & stakeholders, while working with legislators to introduce innovative, practical, and passable solutions to solve challenges or capture new opportunity in their districts. Our team is dedicated to nonpartisanship and crafting passable solutions within bipartisan margins.


CPI continues to build sector-based Centers for policy development, as partnerships with Kentucky's research institutes that we co-facilitate, and link directly to our policy development with real-world stakeholders in the sector and officials on relevant policy committees at local and state level. In each Center, to promote better solutions for the Commonwealth and create innovative policy at local & state level, our Fellows direct Issue Intake, Policy Analysis, and Engaged Solution-Building. Learn more about CPI Centers and view our policy briefs below.

We are actively recruiting faculty & research institute partners across the state, in addition to pro-bono Fellows to serve and lead CPI's collaborative policy Centers.

Similar to a legal clinic though in a policy context, our Fellows serve pro bono as principal members leading the work of our policy Centers, and advise our associates from chapters at partnered universities.  CPI is governed by an advisory board of our Fellows. We are in the process of building our team recruiting new pro bono Fellows from across Kentucky to lead the work of our policy centers, within the available time our volunteers have. To join CPI as a Fellow, connect with us on our principal member application.



Since our founding - first by university students - CPI has had no operating funding but continues to endure.​ We cannot do what we do without increasing our pro bono Fellows and volunteer time, which still has a cost to our members. Giving a general gift, or endowing a Center, could go along way towards promoting Kentucky-proud policy innovation and better outcomes. 

We invite donors who believe in our mission to please reach out to our email at and express that you would like to donate. If you are interested in funding a collaborative Center, we would be happy to arrange a call with you. We are incredibly grateful for your support, and hope to continue building the pro bono think-tank we aspire to see driving policy innovation in Kentucky. CPI does not yet have 501 status but is a Kentucky nonprofit. If you must have tax deduction in order to donate, please contact us as we aim to achieve 501 status within the next fiscal year.

Note: CPI Centers and members work to support the introduction of proposals as bills, conduct external networking for their support and advocacy to lobbyists, interest groups, and associations, and support improvements or potential amendments to legislation. CPI may conduct direct advocacy. CPI does not at this time conduct direct lobbying activity of public officials or those internal to public service offices at this time - as explicitly defined by ordinance, statutes, and opinions of the KY Legislative Ethics Commission. CPI does engage directly with lobbyists who ultimately decide whether to directly lobby, per legal definition, for our solutions on their client's behalf.

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Our Door is Open - Hire, Request, or Join CPI 

Legislators - request to bring us in to build a new solution & policy ideasl that can translate into a bill on any issue faced by constituents or others. Request CPI, we will gage our capacity to develop a new solution.

Businesses & NGO's - Need a tailored policy solution, with a mutual gains approach that other advocacy groups can support? Reach out to us for policy design & introduction, and discuss how our nonprofit think tank may be able to serve you. Request CPI below.

Universities & Research Institutes - We are seeking to expand our partnered Centers with research groups across the Commonwealth's state university system - UK, WKU,

EKU, and other state research universities. Please contact us below to discuss joining a Policy Center.

We look forward to building this core component of our mission as a policy impact pathway for you and pursuing grant or other funding collaboration. Contact CPI below.

New Members : CPI is seeking policy, law, government affairs, and research professionals to join as a pro bono Fellow / Principal Member.  We invite early career professionals to late career/retirees to join. See the Join as a Fellow page for more, we also invite professional law students and attorney's seeking volunteer hours to join as a Fellow. University students may also join or form a CPI university chapter as an Associate - including PhD candidate, graduate, and undergraduate students.


Taking the next step, we look forward to serving you and the Commonwealth!

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Office: 502.209.9639



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