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Practitioner Certification &
Employment of Chapter Members


Members join the Commonwealth Policy Institute, formerly the Commonwealth Policy Coalition, as an Associate in the pursuit of data-driven development and government affairs tailoring of new policy solutions, and education from key seminars, which combine to allow obtain certification as an Associate Fellow, Fellow, or Senior Fellow policy practitioner.


The success of CPI is dependent on both our practitioners principal, and our Associates pursuing certification as a Fellow with a CPI chapter.

University chapters recruit based upon merit across any level of career development, and maintaining a necessary quota of course-enrolled students. Appointment to an active chapter at any university in the State system as an Associate is based on willingness of the member to work freely in public service towards the Commonwealth of Kentucky from driving a research based & stakeholder engaged policymaking process. In doing so, all members are granted unique seminar opportunities and networking for professional growth, in addition to driving their own collaborative work with faculty and stakeholders in policy research, development, advocacy, and professional publication of policy documents. This work occurs part time, and is not paid as the member is also being certified, however, it is nonetheless conducted as an employee of Commonwealth Policy Institute, Ltd. All members sign an equivalent to contracts of employment where first entering as an Associate.

Below, per our charters and general procedure of the board and university chapters, are the board-approved certificates and standards therein which the CPI Advisory Board may review regularly

These certifications are obtain during a chapter members time with a CPI chapter, which is often part-time or in some cases fluctuating between part and full-time hours due to the seasonal nature of legislative sessions. For employers of those certified by CPI requiring estimated hours, and employed hour equivalency is also provided below by the CPI board with suggested employment equivalency under a CPI based on the certification obtained and number of terms spent as a CPI Associate or Fellow with a university housed CPI chapter.

Associate & Fellow  Employment Equivalency 

The above table provides the recommendation of CPI board for accounting equivalent years of employed experience, considered as years in which direct work occurred in research given that Associateship or Fellowship represents an academic position at a university chapter. in this instance under a university chapter unit of CPI which are registered employer entities holding their own EIN. This is presented as an equivalent employment years of an academic position, to the total years by in time spent until final leaving certification was certified and the level of the final certification.


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