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CPI Members Principal

CPI has a growing corps of pro bono Fellows who serve as our members principal. We are actively recruiting members experienced in government affairs, research and data, law, and a variety of sectors, to join our team. CPI members principal are currently pro-bono, driving our strategic planning, expansion, building new solutions and partnerships with policy centers & legislators, and supporting our associates and university chapters. If you are an early, late, or mid career professional with available time and belief in our mission to of building new local & state nonpartisan solutions- email us if you would like to be considered as a member principal.


These members also serve on the advisory board along with chapter directors, which steers CPI as a whole. 

CPI Associates

University Chapters
Below are CPI's active Associates & Associate Fellows. CPI recruits new Associate members through University Chapters which are organized under the CPI advisory board, and registered as a campus organization with the local university. Chapters are advised by faculty and practitioners to certify members as Fellows. Chapters also welcome surrounding citizens to apply to join, so long as 50% of CPI Associates in a chapter are enrolled at the campus. In the process, chapter teams are formed which operate similar to a legal clinic though in a policy context -- developing new solutions to key issues as a public service, guided by faculty and practitioners. Associates solve challenges in sectors covered by CPI's Centers and connect with research faculty. These associates pursue challenges of their own interest, from legislator intake, and/or with CPI practitioners. Those certified as Fellows develop novel policy solutions at a state/local level.


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