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For Kentucky-Proud Business.

For Kentucky-Proud Citizens.

For Kentucky-Proud Research Institutes.

 CPI has been serving as a "think and do tank" engaging the state to federal legislature and developing innovative in-house solutions since 2020, balancing a research driven approach with practically tailoring our proposals for introduction and passage. Our principal members include practitioners with over 30 years experience in government affairs, Senior Fellows holding CPI's highest certification as practitioners who have introduced legislation with CPI, and have occupied some of the most competitive positions awarded to scholars from the U.S..  We are here to serve you by offering client services for development and introduction of nonpartisan and innovative public policy solutions to serve your business, organization, research institute, or individual nonpartisan mission. Within our nonpartisan focus, we strive to practically tailor and redraft our proposals - "resolving debate before it happens" - with the aim of creating best case marginal-gains solutions to maximize the odds of passing as a bill in any political climate. After developing data-driven, passable, nonpartisan policy, our Principals at CPI then advocate for it's introduction with key partners and seek interest-based negotiation with surrounding interests, to serve the Commonwealth by serving you. CPI offers these unique nonpartisan in-house services as a not for profit organization, which means a competitive rate of compensation based solely on our operating costs and member time. Wherever you are as part of the Commonwealth, we are happy to consider serving your policy needs to create a better Future of the Commonwealth, For the Commonwealth together. Request a consultation with us at or call at  ‪(502) 209-9639  today*.


*This is an advertisement, bill passage or introduction never guaranteed. Services are strictly limited to entities residing or doing business in the State of Kentucky, to a degree providable that CPI maintains 501(c) status, that services are provided as a company Ltd., and at the discretionary approval of the CPI Advisory Board and acting Practitioners Principal. Compensation for these services is not tax deductible.

Research Driven.

Practically Tailored.

For the Commonwealth.

The Future of the Commonwealth

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